Angela Fillat Sandoval

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This is the life story narrative for Angela Fillat Sandoval of Ponce, Puerto Rico, daughter of Antonio Fillat Bastidas and Manuela Sandoval, and wife of Isidoro Caldas Solá.

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Name:Angela Fillat Sandoval
Date of Birth:3 August 1899
Place of Birth:Ponce, Puerto Rico
Father’s Name:Antonio Fillat Bastidas
Mother’s Name:Manuela Sandoval

Angela Fillat Sandoval was born on 3 August 1899 in Ponce, Puerto Rico. She was the daughter of Antonio Fillat Bastidas of Lleida, Barcelona province, Spain and Manuela Sandoval of the town of Juana Díaz, Puerto Rico. Her parents were married in 1907 after having given birth to several children. Angela was the oldest of the seven children of this couple. They lived in a coffee plantation in the outskirts of the mountainous city of Adjuntas, not far from her birthplace in Ponce, Puerto Rico.

No record of her birth has been located in the online Puerto Rico civil registration records database. Given that she was born in 1899, there might not be an official civil record of her birth. Her baptism record and later census records are used to establish her approximate date of birth and specific year of birth.


Date of Christening:22 April 1900
Place of Christening:Parroquia Nuestra Señora de Guadalupe, Ponce, Puerto Rico
Officiant:Father Francisco Vicario, parish priest

Angela Sandoval was baptized at the age of 8 months on 22 April 1900 in the Parroquia Nuestra Senora de Guadalupe (Our Lady of Guadalupe parish), Ponce, Puerto Rico, according to the parish’s baptism records. In this record, her date of birth is listed as 3 October 1899, although her family always celebrated her birthday on 3 August each year. The date in her baptism record could have been due to a misunderstanding on the part of the officiant between what her family stated and what he recorded in the official record.

Angela is initially recorded as being the “natural” (illegitimate) child of Manuela Sandoval, and whose grandmother was Dolores Sandoval. The baptism sponsors (godparents) are listed as Jose Pagán and Petra Vázquez.

In 1918, coinciding with Angela and Isidoro Caldas’ wedding, her baptism record was amended to reflect her parent’s marriage, which took place at the same parish on 26 June 1907. In the amended baptism record, her parents are identified as Antonio Fillat and Manuela Sandoval. In the same note, it mentions that Angela herself was married to Isidoro Caldas Solá on 1 September 1918 at the Parroquia San Joaquin in Adjuntas, Puerto Rico. It also states her new husband is the legitimate son of Juan Caldas and Ana Solá of Caguas. [1]

Early Life

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Groom’s Name:Isidoro Caldas Solá
Bride’s Name:Angela Fillat Sandoval
Date of Marriage:1 September 1918
Place of Marriage:Parroquia San Joaquin
Adjuntas, Puerto Rico
Officiant:Father Pedro Ochoa de Olano, Catholic Priest
Witnesses:José Soto y Alvarez
Antonio Nievez
Juana A. Caldas
Date of Marriage Certification or Registration:3 September 1918
Place of Marriage Certification or Registration:Adjuntas, Puerto Rico
Registrar:José Aparicio Rivera
Parroquia San Joaquin, Adjuntas, Puerto Rico
Parroquia San Joaquin, Adjuntas, Puerto Rico

Isidoro Caldas Solá and Angela Fillat Sandoval were married in a Catholic church ceremony [2] at Parroquia San Joaquin (Catholic parish) in Adjuntas, Puerto Rico. Both the bride and groom were previously unmarried. The groom Isidoro was 21 years old and the bride Angela was 19 years old.

Isidoro’s address at the time of the marriage was 35 Calle Vizcarrondo, Caguas, Puerto Rico. His occupation was indicated as industrialist (businessman). He was the legitimate son of Juan Caldas y Aponte, age 46 years, an industrialist born in Caguas, and his wife Ana Solá Caballero, age 44 years, a housewife also born in Caguas. Both are listed as white and as current residents of Caguas at the time of the wedding.

Angela’s address at the time of the marriage was Barrio Saltillo, a rural area of Adjuntas, Puerto Rico, where her father operated a coffee farm. Her occupation was listed as “domestic,” meaning household work in her own home. She is the legitimate INSERT REFERENCE HERE daughter of Antonio Fillat, age 49 years, born in Barcelona, Spain, and his wife Manuela Sandoval, age 42 years, born in Ponce. They are listed as white, married, and property owners in Adjuntas, Puerto Rico.

The wedding was officiated by Father Pedro Ochoa y Olano, and the church witnesses were Jose Soto Alvarez and Antonio Nievez. The civil registration record was completed on 3 September 1918 by Jose Aparicio Rivera, secretary of the civil registration office in Adjuntas. Witnesses for the civil registration record were José Soto Alvarez and Juana A. Caldas.


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